The Site Charter

Hello.  Welcome to the Site Charter for Aspiring Just Action News Newcomer News Team Noobies. Or as we like to call it, the S.C.A.J.A.N.N.N.T.N. It’s Norwegian.

We’re looking to expand the Just Action News in both readership and staff for the long haul. Can you has what it takes to join our not-at-all elite corps?

  • Who we are.

Just Zach. Danny Methane. You know this… we’re the founders and on-air talent.

We’ve had help behind the scenes from Andy Cam, Doc Sideburns, Boxcar Jim, Don’t Call Me Sue and King Beast. You may or may not know them, you may or may not ever meet them, but they’re part of the news team. Their work, in each of their own and often continuing ways, has been invaluable to getting us where we are today, and helping us reach ever-higher heights tomorrow.

  • Where we come from.

We started off as 2 individual YouTube video series. Dan (not yet christened Methane yet) has his Dumb Action News series where he would cover an amusing or funny news story every so often, and I had a daily minute or two video set of my own called Just Zach, where I’d more or less try to be an observational pop-culture comedian. Dan had filmed an episode or two, so I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and if not outdo him in quality, then at least in quantity. Well, after about two or three videos on each, and multiple instances of mentioning each others’ work, I suggested we do a crossover. Thus the Just Action News was born. We clicked as an on screen pairing, each of us just different enough from the other to give good material to play off of.

That was Summer 07.

By that Fall, or crossovers had slowed down to almost not happening by Winter. At the very outset of 09, we doubled down and vowed to start ahead stronger from now on, spinning out our strictly video series into a full fledged blog. The articles were filler between videos. By March, we were shooting in studio. By May, we were working on 2.0. Now, we’re looking towards the future.

  • What we do.

The phrase I’ve always loved to toss around when I describe the site is “tech culture, geek comedy op-ed entertainment”, and for the most part that’s true. Between us, our entries have covered everything from Billy Mays to internet piracy to celebrities dying young to just about anything in between. Oh, and lots of zombies and video games. Those things seem to keep coming up.

We write. We film. We attempt to become popular on the internet.

  • What you can do.

Our entries cover wide swarths of modern life. I’d like to keep it like that. Just read the tag cloud.

Comics – Culture – Fiction – Gaming – Internets – Meta – Movies – Music – Science – Sports – Tech – Television – Video – Zombies

It’s a pretty decent spread to cover most anything we’d want to post on our site. Try to fit into one of those headings if at all possible, but we’re not opposed to making a new one if it’s warranted and would be filled by all our contributors.

Articles are our bread and butter at the moment, simply because it’s easier for Dan and Myself to write than it is to shoot videos all the time. You’re basically free to submit in whatever format you like as long as the quality is good. Heavy workloads have often prevented us from delivering the best quality entries we can, so spreading around deadlines to more people than just us will hopefully increase the quality all around.

The hope is we can develop certain contributors to either cover certain fields or be known for a particular something, you know? You’re certainly not handcuffed to do anything in particular always, but some degree of specialization certainly helps to build a regular menu of content, and by extension regular readers.

Mainly, don’t disrupt what Dan and I have done so far, but be different and interesting enough to make quality content and draw readers.

I would love for all media to be represented in greater amounts on the site, including perhaps another video series or two, or perhaps a podcast even. Just keep in mind that our server space is limited, so large audio files would need to be offloaded onto another site for our webmaster’s sake.

For the most part, I’d say, text entries will be the norm. News coverage or op-ed is always a safe bet, but creativity is encouraged. I don’t want too much fiction, because we’re not a fanfic forum. Just as long as it fits into one of our tags, more or less, then we’re all golden.

  • What we get out of you.

Content. Differing viewpoints. Warm bodies. We need more material to grow, and until Dan and I can retire to do this full time, we need help.

  • What you get out of us.

Promotion. A vehicle to air your creative endeavors or unique outlook to the world at large. A chance to work to help expand and grow an already (albeit local) established brand online. Get yourself over. Become an internet noteworthy as part of a large group of young, funny people lucky enough to have been born into a generation where mass communication is simple to do on a personal level.

  • Where you go from here.

Pitch yourself to us. Work up a field you’d be covering, send us a few examples of your work. There’s no money in this (yet, but there’s tentative plans in place otherwise), applicants must be willing to work either under the delusion that people want to hear what they say, or through some deep seeded masochistic tendencies. Either works.

Send all pieces for submission to justactionnews @ graffiti . net


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  1. App incoming

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