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Episode 10: Rage of the Nerds

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The boys put the NO-L4D2 group on blast. For six minutes.


Episode 3: I.Z.A.

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WARNING: It was our first experience with Dan’s new webcam, so there may be quality issues concerning both the audio and the video.  Ear-rape AHOY!

Also: I have an very important announcement concerning the site. You have to read more to find out though.  Continue reading


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So, a while back I wanted to find a way to satisfy my needs to read a decent zombie novel. After futile attempts to find any after maybe an hour of searching on the net, I decided I’d write my own. I’d write about one ‘chapter’ a week and post it up on my blog. After the first two, I gained about 3 readers, and they all wanted to see what was coming next. So I kept writing. This post is re-introducing the first two chapters of this project, entitled Infection. I have redacted some of the original as it no longer fits with the plot, so this is as close to the final version of these chapters you’re going to get. Continue reading

Well. This sucks.

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I’m sitting here. It’s 1:58 AM CST, and I can’t think of an entry to write. Zach would jump down my throat if I didn’t post an entry today. In lieu of a somewhat infotainment entry, I think I’ll leave you with en excerpt (or whole chapter) of my novel-in-progress, Infection.

Day 2, August 25, 2024: 5:00AM

Anthony slowly pulled his elderly Japanese hatchback into the gravel parking lot of the power plant. The sun hadn’t risen yet, and the silhouettes of the dead shone black against the gloomy gray morning. Fog had settled in the Ohio valley, making entirely too eerie. Quietly, Anthony approached the door to his workplace, with a .357 Magnum special drawn. Blood seeped out from under the door. Cautiously, he turned the metallic knob and slowly opened the door. Careful not to slip, Anthony stretched his leg as far as possible to avoid getting blood on his sleek black boots. Anthony looked up after he had cleared the path of falling blood that had slipped through the grates in the second floor. A flannel clad body was resting, providing the blood, but Anthony couldn’t identify it from below.

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Early Edition: Episode 1 – Left 4 Dead

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On the off chance you missed our postings on Facebook or MySpace…

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is our very first episode. Pardon my dropped lines, but I’m new to this acting thing.

Zomblog: Part 1

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Thanks to wvs of for this image.

Thanks to wvs of for this image.

When zombies attack, nerds are going to be all that remains after they’ve all been defeated. I’m here to bring you up to speed on the latest, greatest, and smartest plans of action making a few assumptions along the way. Hell, let’s get those out of the way first. I’ll also have a rating scale within each sub-category, and each category of this blog will have it’s own entry. Today’s is shelter, but for now, here’s the parameters.

  • These zombies cannot run, nor can they climb. Dead muscle tissue leads to not being able to do heavy physical activity.
  • The infection is not airborne, but can be transmitted sexually, through blood, or through saliva.
  • Zombies do have a small amount of pre-death memory i.e. Daily experiences, recurring events, such as shopping and work.
  • Zombies are still like humans in a way, if you shoot them in the legs, they will go down.
  • There is no cure, nor will already deceased people come back.
  • You have to survive for 30 days. Army comes through and rescues people on day 30, multiple helicopters and APC’s.

Okay, those are the six main parameters that we’re going by.

Step One: Find Shelter.

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