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Episode 6: Dan wants to be a Chanuck

Posted in Geek-Out with tags , on May 28, 2009 by Just Zach

Methane flies solo this week.  My apologies for not covering a geek topic.

Instead, Dan’s seen fit to talk hockey.  :shudders:  Wasn’t that a form of witchcraft in ancient Papua New Guinea?

Next time I take the stick, I’ll compensate by talking about that one time Wil Wheaton, Linus Torvalds, Gabe Newell and myself all cosplayed Astro Boy characters and played 3D-Chess for 1d4 hours straight.  That was some good times, let me tell you.


The JAN Presents: Wrestlemania 25 Predictions

Posted in Actual News, Geek-Out with tags , on April 2, 2009 by Just Zach

So Wrestlemania is this weekend. You probably don’t care, but Dan and I do… sort of. I haven’t actually watched wrestling in about a year, and Dan‘s only recently picked the sport back up- but seeing as the big dance is this weekend we figured we ought to share our two cents on it. Since that’s what we do… give our opinions on things we don’t know anything about. I’m filing this entry today, but it’s really a split writing duties kind of thing. You get our back and forth as we run down the card. I guess it was pro-wrestling week here at the JAN. Fear not, for we’ll be back to our regular geek programming next week. Until then, for Dan and myself
Enjoy your night, and clever sign-off.

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Games You Oughta Try: WWE Day of Reckoning

Posted in Geek-Out with tags , on April 1, 2009 by Just Zach

Do it. Go on. I’ll wait.

The gay jokes. C’mon, I know you have ’em. It’s wrestling. Just get it over with. Let it out and I’ll be here when you want to take me seriously.

Done? Good.

WWE: Day of Reckoning is a great Gamecube game.

God damnit, don’t you even get started on Gamecube jokes. I love my Gamecube. Wasn’t a perfect system, no, but if Nintendo hadn’t have ‘misstepped’, they’d have never made the Wii and millions upon millions of dollars by extension.

Are you really done now? Okay.

WWE: Day of Reckoning is a great Gamecube game. If you like wresting games. It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy a fighting game, much less one about pretending to fight. But it is a good game. Better, I’d say, than the Smackdown VS Raw series that dominates the market today. Yes, even the newest one. The fancy assed graphics and new modes and current roster and DLC and all that mess doesn’t mean a thing. DOR is the best wrestling game I’ve ever played. And I own some of the greats on the N64, the system of choice for wrestling games during the sport’s heyday. I’ve logged more hours on this game than most of my games combined.

Day of Reckoning (and it’s sequel, to be sure) is the best wrestling game I’ve ever played… mainly because you can interrupt animations.

Trust me, this is a big deal.

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Sad Day in Action Sports

Posted in Actual News with tags on February 11, 2009 by Danny Methane

Yesterday was a very sad day. It was announced that at 11:03PM, February 9th, two days after his crash, that famed motocross rider, Jeremy Lusk, has passed away. He was 24.

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World Rally Cartastrophe!

Posted in Rants and Raves with tags on December 30, 2008 by Danny Methane

I’m a huge fan of motorsports. NASCAR, NHRA, WRC, IRL, Formula 1, Motocross, you name it, I’m into it.

Which brings me to my next point:

World Rally Championship is now only a competition between a FORD FOCUS

Thanks to Daita from Flickr for this image.

Thanks to Daita from Flickr for this image.

and a CITROEN C4.

They are beautiful cars, yes, but what happened to the Subaru Impreza? She was a beautiful car.
Mr. McRae would be very dissapointed in the WRC now. I guess when the legacy dies, so does the horse he rode on. And no, that wasn’t a SUBARU Legacy joke.

So what now? Why now? More than ever, we need a good racing genre to look to. We can’t get it from NASCAR, because if we did, we’d be rednecks. Indy is just faster NASCAR. Formula 1 is more European than anything.

With the world economies withering to the size of a penis on a cold night, serveral car companies have pulled out, continuing the euphemism. Subaru and Suzuki are the latest to go. And I have to say that I’m sad to hear it. What does this mean for fans of rally? Well, the car that you came to know and love as one of the greatest will no longer be in the sport. Go figure. You find something good so something bad must happen to it.

What it means for the X Games rally event, I haven’t the foggiest.