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Posted in Actual News with tags , on May 4, 2009 by Danny Methane

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Low Disk Space?

Posted in Actual News with tags on April 6, 2009 by Danny Methane

Many of you are familiar with computers (if not, please delete System 32), and have seen the warning message, “Low Disk Space.” It just mean’s you’re running low on space so you need to delete some stuff or move it to a new hard drive.

Well, scientists are quickly approaching this wall, except instead of “disk space” it’s “brain power.”

In theory, it’s impossible for the human brain to be able to conduct, collect, and store all research that will ever be done. That being said, at one point, Science will no longer be able to rely on humans alone. Sure, chronicling the Laws of Science (at least the important ones) in text books and online webpages have done small amounts of storing the laws on a hard drive, but sometimes that just not enough.

Researchers at Cornell university have actually developed a computer program that deducted the Laws of Motion from a pendulum’s swing. It recorded massive amounts of data (too much for the human mind), studied it, applied basic math laws, and this computer program, without a shred of knowledge of geometry or physics, “thought up” Newtons second law of motion, and conservation of momentum.

This is just incredible. This opens up many new possibilities. They’ve already tested it to calculate, mathematically, how a human does what it does.

Not to say that humans are no longer important, nor does this bring us any closer to the robot take-over. It still takes a human to run the program, and I for one, welcome our new overlords.