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Episode 10: Rage of the Nerds

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The boys put the NO-L4D2 group on blast. For six minutes.


The Pirate Bay… goes legit?

Posted in Actual News, Reviews & Previews with tags , on July 1, 2009 by Just Zach

Forget the recent smattering of celebrity deaths… (God rest ye, Billy Mays) … I read some news today that has completely thrown me for a loop.

Global Gaming Factory X AB, a “new media channel to reach visitors of Internet cafes and gaming venues” has shelled out 7.8 million dollars US to aquire the infamous torrent site as early as next month.  This comes on the heels of the announcement of The Video Bay, the original Pirate Bay crew’s take on YouTube, but without the necessity to be beholden to corporate interests.

We’re facing something unprecedented here, I think.  The single most popular site online for pirate content may very well be coming clean.  Is the end of torrent piracy?  PSH.  Hell no.  Someone will just step in to fill the black market shoes this ‘new’ Pirate Bay will be leaving behind.  Another site will step in to regain the lost popularity… and because these guys seem to be intent on turning this operation legal, I can guaran-damn-tee the popularity will be out there for grabs.

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What is this “MySpace” you keep mentioning?

Posted in Actual News, Geek-Out with tags , , on June 24, 2009 by Just Zach

MySpace?  Psh.  Wow.  That’s so 2005.

I hardly use it anymore.  Anyone who checks the Just Action News promo MySpace profile could attest to that.  But it’s not just me, it’s the nation at large.  Look.

That folks, is the writing on the wall.  It’s Facebook’s market to loose now.

MySpace just cut 1/3 of it’s staff to better compete in a suddenly very hostile enviroment.  This in and of itself might not sound like much, what with businesses announcing “corporate contractions” and “downsizings” and “strategic repositionings” (and the unemployment rate teasing double-digits for the first time in years)… but remember, this is MySpace.  MYSPACE.  They were the long and short of Web 2.0 not but a few scant years ago.  Social networking used to be synonymous with Tom Anderson and his little patch of internet.  But now…

I mean, just look… MySpace has been flat for the entire year.  Facebook is now the nation’s most popular social networking site.  And Twitter… is actually making real world impact.  The Twitter folks actually delayed server repairs for Iranian election demonstrators organizing through Twitter.  The jet plane that landed in the Hudson River was first found through Twitter.  Twitter sucks the air out of a room.  It’s got problems of it’s own, you know, what with a very terrible retention rate, but it’s growing at least.  More than I can say for MySpace.  It’s one thing to have the most subscribers or to generate the most ad revenue, but it’s something else entirely to affect lives or influence the governments of nations across the globe.  It’s just one of those funny side-effects of being a wired world.

It’s not just yet an also-ran like Xanga, Bebo, MyYearbook or the others… but unless they do something, MySpace won’t ever be the mover and shaker it was.


Posted in Creative Endeavors with tags , , on June 19, 2009 by Just Zach

Oh god, oh god, I’m freaking out man….   it’s all lies… All of it.  They’re here man.  They’ve been here… watching us.  Waiting.  It’s the Illuminati!  Secret government cabals!  Lizard men from space!  We’re all being controlled!  IT’S HERE!

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We Dare To Be Stupid

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Weird Al.  You know him.  You might love him, you might hate him… but you have to respect him.

He just released his new single “Craigslist” earlier this week, making this his 30th year writing and releasing music.  This sort of  milestone may not be unheard of for more traditional music groups, but remember, Al’s a comedy act.  And as far as musical comedy acts go, that’s the popular lifetimes of maybe seven or eight other groups.  Do you really think we’ll still be hearing from the Lonely Island 30 years from now?

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LifeLock ruled illegal, cyberprivacy takes a hit

Posted in Actual News with tags , on June 8, 2009 by Just Zach

The budding field of identity theft protection was delivered a major setback recently with the ruling that the business practices of LifeLock violate California  law.

LifeLock is most well know for it’s unique ad campaign- CEO Todd Davis publicly giving out his Social Security number, auspiciously because his company’s services are so effective at protecting his identity.  Experian, one of the nation’s three major credit boards, sued Davis and LifeLock for placing an undue and prohibitively expensive burden on thier operations.  A federal judge agreed, and LifeLock and competitors may be forced to discontinue business.

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The Abridged Masterworks – Lovecraft

Posted in Creative Endeavors, Geek-Out with tags , on May 26, 2009 by Just Zach

In his ongoing quest to promote literacy in third world nations and inner-city school districts, Just Zach has dedicated his life to introducing today’s youth to classic writers of yesteryear by the all-so-slight trimming of their original works for modern culture.  Today’s author: turn of the century horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.

At the Mountains of Madness- We were a bunch of scientists and grad students testing a new gas-powered drill in Antarctica.  We were digging into some mountains and found some freaky tunnels.  Some of the others went to explore, but were killed by some weirdo winged barrel-shaped aliens that were hibernating under the mountain.  The rest of the team made a search party for the others,  but found the barrel aliens killed by their own genetic experiments.  The experiments tried to kill us after that.  There were two survivors- myself, and a grad student who read weird books.  These monsters looked like some of the shit he read about in this book.  Now he’s f*cking crazy.

Nyarlathotep- So this weird Egyptian guy is going around showing off freaky scary stuff with weird science tools no one has ever seen before.  I went to go see this guy.  Some crazy shit happened with shadows and stuff.  I walked home and saw that the world was destroyed.  The Egyptian guy did it.  Now I’m f*cking crazy.

Dagon- I’m a broke morphine addict.  I was on a ship in World War I that got captured by Germans.  The weren’t being dicks yet, so I managed to escape in a lifeboat with lots of supplies.  I drifted in the ocean for a long time before I washed up on this island.  It was weird.  There were dead fish all over the place, but no seagulls eating them.  It smelled terrible.  I decided to explore this island and walked toward the big mountain in the middle.  I climbed this mountain, but there was a big canyon on the other side.  I climbed down into it and saw this enormous stone.  It had all these weird carvings on it of giant fish people killing whales.  Then there was one of those fish people bowing at the stone.  I went f*cking crazy.  I’ve been addicted to morphine ever since.  I’m going to throw myself out the window now.

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