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When watching the Watchmen just isn’t enough…

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Ever get the feeling like you’re watching a train wreck as it’s happening?

No, I don’t mean the economy. (BA-ZING!)

Of course you do!  This is the information age!  We’ve been watching people do stupid things since… well, long before the information age, honestly.  I mean, they didn’t have America’s Funniest Home Videos during Custer’s time, but I’m sure people watched him dash headlong into a situation that was far beyond his depth and just shook their heads. 

Maybe it’s just a cultural thing.  We here in America value the individual and laud the abilities of ourselves.  If you’ve got the drive and the skill to do something, then by god do it- that’s what this country is about.  We stood up for ourselves and took our liberty back from the British!  We tamed the West and stretched our borders from sea to shining sea!  You as an American will not be told you can’t do something… even if you really should.

I’m all for being active in your community, and…well… I’ve wanted to be a Green Lantern since I was 6.  But these guys just blow my mind. Continue reading


Early Edition: Episode 2 – Watchmen

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Now with half the line flubs!  Twice as long… for her pleasure.  It says ‘Just Action News’, so you know it’s good.

Great. Out of control magical alien god powers.

Posted in Geek-Out with tags on January 15, 2009 by Just Zach

I wouldn’t call myself a comics fanboy. I doubt a fanboy of any stripe would ever call him or herself as such, but I haven’t bought a comic book in years. Graphic novel collections, sure, but I own Watchmen and V for Vendetta and the complete series of Transmetropolitan, not the continuing monthly adventures of the Hulk as a space gladiator or Spider-Man’s millionth marrige or whatever. Smart stuff. Highbrow, even. (Perfectly aware of the irony in a highbrow comic)

Anyways, I’m not a geek for superheroes all that much. People talk about Superman and Batman and Spider-Man and I just shrug them off. Okay, so you stick to walls and shoot webs from your wrist. That makes you a genetic freak. Playboy millionare vigilante with a thing for bats? A trust fund baby with some serious personality disorders. An alien lifeform man of steel? That makes you a god. These aren’t super heroes. Good movies maybe, but never really my taste. However, I will geek out for one, and only one superhero. (1 supervillian as well, but that’s another entry for another time). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Green Lantern.

The coolest, most 90s GL ever.

The coolest, most 90's GL ever, Kyle Rayner.

Why the Green Lantern? There was a time way back when I was a wee lad that I was a little more regular about getting comics. I’d drag my dad to the nearest shop and grab a few issues of whatever looked interesting and took it home to read. I wound up with some interesting stuff, from that retarded Superman reboot in the early 2000’s (the electrical power one) to some crappy Rob Liefeld stuff to one issue of the Maximum Cloneage saga to the Death of Superman and all sorts of stuff in between. (To those of you out of the know, everything just listed was among the worst the 90’s had to offer)

Anyways, of these comics I got was a GL/Supes team up thing. That issue just seemed to be a harmonious geek out love of both the character and powers in equal measure.

If you’ve never seen the Green Lantern before, try to imagine being able to manipulate energy into tangible forms from a ring. Doesn’t sound like much right out of the gate, but that’s the point- it’s completely dependant on the user’s will and creativity to be effective. It’s most often shown (doubly so if you watched the old Justice League show on Cartoon Network) being used very functionally, what with basic lazer blasts and simple bubble shields and the like, but in this comic… man, it wasn’t like that. I couldn’t even tell you which villian it was, some goofy Supes nemesis. Anyways, they’re fighting this guy on a beach, so Kyle (the newest Lantern at that point) makes an industrial sand-throwing apparatus and covers this guy in sand, thus setting up Supes to superheat it with those eyebeams of his to encase the bad guy in glass.

For a 11 year old kid, that was freaking amazing to see. Rewarding creativity was something I had yet to see in comics. See, this Lantern was an out of work graphic designer… big ideas… probably ADD… I could relate to that. For the first time ever, I found a super hero that really clicked with me. Okay, granted, I didn’t know what graphic design actually was, but the basic interest was there.

Anyways, the sand thrower didn’t completely galvanize my love for the GL. The end of the issue. The bad guy throws the physically much weaker Lantern away, and seems to have the better of Supes in martial combat. From out of fucking nowhere, Kyle slams the guy in the back with a Amtrack train from his ring.

I squealed with joy. Brilliant! I never saw it coming! Neither did he!

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