Code Gorillas

It’s been a helluva long time since I’ve coded anything. At all.

I took a course in 10th grade which taught me how to code in java, and I’ve long since forgotten most of it. That all changed this weekend when Zach hit me with this idea he has for out new layout.

I won’t spoil anything, but it involved me learning Javascript in less than a week. Well. I learned what I needed to in about an hour.

The greatest thing about coding, is you can do it for free. You don’t HAVE to take a class, and there are plenty of websites out there that will help you learn how to use it.

For instance, I used to learn how to use Javascript. They also have ASP, SQL, HTML, and PHP. All there, all FREE. The great thing about it being free, is if you get good enough (which I assume one would have to buy a book to gain that kind of knowledge), you can actually SELL your code, and turn a profit. In an economy like this, it’s relying on your self, your own skills, that can get you jobs, or even just get you paid a little extra on a side job that you can learn what you need to learn in a few  hours.

It’s not just Javascript either. There was a point where I was learning ActionScript so that I could make flash programs. While I gave up on that one (I just didn’t have the time then), Javascript is easy to use (mainly because of my Java based history), easy to learn, and easy on the eyes. The code cleans up real well, and with a program, Aptana, you can easily write and track your code, making it extremely easy to see what pairs up where.

Of course, it does take some time to figure everything out. You’ve got to remember to organize your code, or you’ll end up getting lost within it. The worst thing about writing code is having to delete it and rewrite it because you forgot to get it organized.

In the end, it’s a valuable skill to learn, and places like are giving it away for free.

I think this is what love feels like.


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