Transformers, or “40 Foot Tall Robots Blowin’ Shit Up”

So, this weekend I saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Yeah, me and the rest of America.

$201 Million dollars in $5 days? That’s just friggin’ ridiculous.

Let me start off by saying: This movie was good, but it wasn’t “Star Trek” good.

The visual effects were stunning (thank you, Michael Bay), the story was good (at least as good as a story containing 40 foot tall robots blowin’ shit up can be), and there were, overall, more Transformers, which was my biggest gripe about the first one.

My biggest gripe with this one is that there were too many Transformers, and only 4 of them got significant screen time. I guess it’s not too bad. You do get to see a Corvette slice an Audi R8 in half…

Megan Fox is hot as ever, and I don’t care if you don’t like Shia LeBeouf, he was pretty good in this movie. Tom Kenny is a great voice actor, and it’s funny to hear a voice similar to SpongeBob call Megan Fox a bitch. I don’t know, though. They seemed to take their rating too far. It seemed like they were trying too hard to make the core audience laugh. The mom eating pot brownies, the sex jokes. It just wasn’t natural, and somewhat took away from the experience. Star Trek set some pretty high expectations for movies this summer, and unfortunately, I can’t say that Transformers met those expectations. Like the Iron Man/The Dark Knight fued last summer, I have a feeling that’s going to be Star Trek/Transformers this summer.

Both of them are must see pictures.

On a side note, the Transformers: RotF game isn’t too bad either. Deathmatch style online play is pretty awesome. Especially since you get to be 40 foot tall robots blowin’ shit up.


5 Responses to “Transformers, or “40 Foot Tall Robots Blowin’ Shit Up””

  1. rutherford tinklepants Says:

    My biggest complaint about Transformers 2 is the plot. It gets in the way of the movie. Also pretty much every character that wasn’t Optimus Prime or Jetfire was a bitch. And Barton Fink wearing a thong was something I didn’t need to see.

    I think this movie falls under so “So Bad It’s Good”.

    Though I’m biased seeing as how the best movie of ’09 (The Hangover) was already released. I dunno tough. Transformers: ROFL was okay. But then it is the quintessential dumb action movie.

  2. rutherford tinklepants Says:

    Also, the best part of that movie was Jetfire saying “My father was the first wheel. And do you know what he transformed into? NOTHING! And he did so dignity and honor!”

  3. Jetfire reminded me of the soldier from Team Fortress 2:

  4. Eh. I put Michael Bay in the same category as Jerry Bruckheimer:

    People I Dislike (On Principle) For Diluting Summer Movies Down To The Lowest Common Denominator Of Huge Effects Budgets And Zero Plot.

    It might be a cool movie, but give me Pixar any day. I am glad, however, that Tom Kenny is getting big ticket work.

  5. Rutherford Tinklepants Says:

    I still haven’t seen Up!!

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