What is this “MySpace” you keep mentioning?

MySpace?  Psh.  Wow.  That’s so 2005.

I hardly use it anymore.  Anyone who checks the Just Action News promo MySpace profile could attest to that.  But it’s not just me, it’s the nation at large.  Look.

That folks, is the writing on the wall.  It’s Facebook’s market to loose now.

MySpace just cut 1/3 of it’s staff to better compete in a suddenly very hostile enviroment.  This in and of itself might not sound like much, what with businesses announcing “corporate contractions” and “downsizings” and “strategic repositionings” (and the unemployment rate teasing double-digits for the first time in years)… but remember, this is MySpace.  MYSPACE.  They were the long and short of Web 2.0 not but a few scant years ago.  Social networking used to be synonymous with Tom Anderson and his little patch of internet.  But now…

I mean, just look… MySpace has been flat for the entire year.  Facebook is now the nation’s most popular social networking site.  And Twitter… is actually making real world impact.  The Twitter folks actually delayed server repairs for Iranian election demonstrators organizing through Twitter.  The jet plane that landed in the Hudson River was first found through Twitter.  Twitter sucks the air out of a room.  It’s got problems of it’s own, you know, what with a very terrible retention rate, but it’s growing at least.  More than I can say for MySpace.  It’s one thing to have the most subscribers or to generate the most ad revenue, but it’s something else entirely to affect lives or influence the governments of nations across the globe.  It’s just one of those funny side-effects of being a wired world.

It’s not just yet an also-ran like Xanga, Bebo, MyYearbook or the others… but unless they do something, MySpace won’t ever be the mover and shaker it was.


2 Responses to “What is this “MySpace” you keep mentioning?”

  1. Rutherford Tinklepants Says:

    In all truths I never really cared much for Myspace. I’ve had at least 8 of them over the years. It just failed to hold my interest consistently. Once I found about Facebook during my Junior year I was completely willing to migrate to that immediately…cept no one else used it. But now…bam. Everyone does. And Twitter’s nifty. But yeah, Myspace has always been a bit of a joke to me. That’s just my two bits though.

  2. It was all the “unexpected errors.” Not to mention the minutes it took to load someone’s profile page with all of the junk they had on it. Twitter is still frustratingly vague to me. Maybe I’m getting old, but on the contrary I guess a Facebook status much of the same, and people “like” that stuff up. Myself included. I wonder what is beyond Facebook….

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