This week…

Was not a great week here at the Just Action News.  I started my Maymester course already in summer brain-drain mode, and it’s bit me in the ass just a little bit.  Dan’s been working Capcom levels of crazy work hours.  What do I mean by Capcom levels?  How many versions of Street Fighter 2 did that company put out?  A million.  And the naming conventions?  Holy Jeezus.  “Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix”.  By thier count, Dan worked a Super Double Terminating Megatron Overtime 2: Electric Boogalo: This Time It’s Personal- The Revenge.

So if you feel cheated this week for updates- I hear ya.  Really.

It gets worse though.  No video this week.  Dan just hasn’t been able to set aside a block of time to shoot.  Even with our pared down timetable for shooting.  Blame him.

But never fear, for I do have some unique & worthwhile content for today.  A teaser, as it were.

New material at the JAN 2.0 page.  You won’t be disappointed.  I hope, anyways.  Maybe it’s just my design geek talking, but there’s a tasty little morsel for the faithful.  Good things are coming soon.


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