Crowdsourcing My Health

I think I’ve got a blogging bug.

As a means to enforce my diet, I’ve begun writing about my daily caloric intake. I’m trying to loose 57 lbs. by 12/31.

I’ve launched my new blog at my other account @ Crowdsourcing My Health. It won’t be nearly as entertaining as the Just Action News is, but I certainly hope it’ll be interesting for everyone to read while I try to drop back under the 200 pound mark.

So yes. Check that out and enjoy. Help me loose weight by means of peer pressure.


3 Responses to “Crowdsourcing My Health”


  2. This was a total cop-out. There is ZERO content on that blog and it’s been over 3 weeks. I am disappointed.

  3. I’m shuttering it for a revamp after we get 2.0 out. God! It’s always take take take with you people!

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