Friday. Be there.

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It all goes down then.  2.0 launch.  Finally and for real.  I just got called onto my shift a few hours early, so Dan will have to give you the details on the new site… but trust me, it’s cool.

Be on the lookout too, for another written post.  I’m going to announce the details on our first major contest.  What’s at stake to win?  A guest spot in one of our episodes!  And not these ones we shoot on the webcam, no… the high quality stuff.  Yeah.  And pie, as well.  There’s also pie to be had.  But I’ve probably said too much.

So tell your friends.  Tell them to tell thier friends.  Be here on Friday.  You shant be disappointed.


Code Gorillas

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It’s been a helluva long time since I’ve coded anything. At all.

I took a course in 10th grade which taught me how to code in java, and I’ve long since forgotten most of it. That all changed this weekend when Zach hit me with this idea he has for out new layout. Continue reading

Episode 10: Rage of the Nerds

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The boys put the NO-L4D2 group on blast. For six minutes.

Why oh why, Syfy?

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In what’s perhaps the oddest bit of branding since the Gilette Fusion: Gamer razor, the Sci-Fi channel rebranded itself as Syfy yesterday.

I say odd in a very selective manner.  I don’t mean to say it’s bad.  Nether do I mean to say it’s an ill-concieved move.

The spelling is just goofy as hell.

Not to say that in itself is bad.  It’s been in fashion for years now, especially in the era of the internet domain names (flickr anyone?) to blatantly misspell a word so that one may trademark it.  Which is largely what this boiled down to- a trademark issue.  Sci-Fi is a genre.  It’s a generic term invalid for trademarking.  What’s the next best thing?  Misspell the fukk out of it.

I’m a design student by trade, so I’m a little more attuned to branding than the average bear.  This doesn’t bother me at all, but then, Sci-Fi Channel and I haven’t always gotten along.

What this spells more, to me, is a sea change behind the scenes at the company.  It started with things like them broadcasting professional wrestling and turning Starbuck into a woman, moving into things like this.  Sci-Fi used to regularly count itself among the most watched cable networks, and likely will continue to do so after this rebranding.  What these guys are after, I think, is mainstream recognition.  Just like most other geek hobbies or interests, heavy sci-fi is usually derided as ‘nerd fodder’ or the like.  While I’d argue we’re a nation of geeks already, sometimes softening the blow will still let you get a hit out.

In an interview with, Craig Engler, (senior vice president and general manager of Sci Fi Digital) said of the new name, “It’s a brand that catches up with our programming… “It is our stake in the ground. Last year was tremendous for us, with Battlestar Galactica getting recognition as one of the best dramas on television.”

I’ll buy it.  Where else am I gonna watch the 70’s Incredible Hulk reruns?

Happy Birthday, You Old Coot!

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62 years ago today, one of the worlds greatest champions was born.

This champion does not have a clean record, unfortuneately. Having been an accessory to the murders of over one million people, I’d say he’s pretty damn evil. But today is his birthday, and we must focus on the goods. Continue reading

No video this week! But you love us anyways!

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I blame Dan.  (What else is new?)

If it weren’t for him working every day I don’t, we could have a video up for you.  But that’s neither here nor there, really.  He’s my cohost, and I’ll stand by his work right up until I can replace him.  Until then, though, I’ve got a teaser for you.


That’s all you get for the moment.  2.0 goes live in a few weeks.  I just know you’ll enjoy it.

The Pirate Bay… goes legit?

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Forget the recent smattering of celebrity deaths… (God rest ye, Billy Mays) … I read some news today that has completely thrown me for a loop.

Global Gaming Factory X AB, a “new media channel to reach visitors of Internet cafes and gaming venues” has shelled out 7.8 million dollars US to aquire the infamous torrent site as early as next month.  This comes on the heels of the announcement of The Video Bay, the original Pirate Bay crew’s take on YouTube, but without the necessity to be beholden to corporate interests.

We’re facing something unprecedented here, I think.  The single most popular site online for pirate content may very well be coming clean.  Is the end of torrent piracy?  PSH.  Hell no.  Someone will just step in to fill the black market shoes this ‘new’ Pirate Bay will be leaving behind.  Another site will step in to regain the lost popularity… and because these guys seem to be intent on turning this operation legal, I can guaran-damn-tee the popularity will be out there for grabs.

Continue reading